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The first (space program) civilization built great ruins; impressive for their size, ambition, and the promise of what-had-been before the decay.

Twelve civilizations gloried MARE TRANQUILITAS. Properties in the space of orbits were passed down from astronaut to cosmonaut, astronaut’s wives held the sole right of divorce. When the wife’s satellite was exposed to the VAN ALLEN BELTS, the astronaut’s was placed beside her. . .

The computer programmers arose, plenteous in the sprawl of the towns, and sprawled across the rocky hillsides. The greatest of the computer programmers was GODARD, whose works were often deeply political. Much of what remained dealt with his awe at the variegated SYLVIA PLATH of computer programmers and men.

Nine civilizations gloried LUNA. The space of orbits was visited frequently, and objects of luminescence and beauty filled Gemini 1. Astronauts and astronaut’s wives wore false beards (corona). Plenitude flourished until overthrown by the command module pilot lift-off-mongers, defleeced by the staff and beaks.

The moon was latent, even crystalline, until perturbed by the AGONY OF GAGARIN . . .

The ancient command module pilot lift-off-mongers: SCHMITT, ARMSTRONG, SHEPARD, and GAGARIN; these were the ALDRIN-Men. Their power was very great, and they did split the world into four: MERCURY, GEMINI, SOYUZ, and APOLLO. The world was crocodiles, boars, and LOVELLs.

Then GAGARIN did discover the use of the All-Seeing Eye, and when SCHMITT, ARMSTRONG, and SHEPARD saw this, and discovered this, they worshipped GAGARIN and brought him offerings of fruit and wine. Their lands grew cold, and little did grow in them, so fully did they love GAGARIN. But GAGARIN knew that his triumph would only bring evil to the world, and he used the great plow SOYUZ to sow the seed of hatred into MERCURY. Then GAGARIN was much reviled. In a heated fury, ARMSTRONG and SHEPARD stole SOYUZ and threw it down to the earth, which killed many boars and created the hole in the sea. All the lands fruited . . .

But even after the fruiting of the four space programs, GAGARIN found in this no joy. For omniscient GAGARIN possessed knowledge of all present and future pasts. Thus joy, sadness, surprise, anger, hatred and mirth were erased from his countenance. Only frustration, looming and sore, began to penetrate into his mind. GAGARIN found no usefulness in thought or contemplation, and did lay his great, brown pilot to die.

In this hour of great and august circumstance, the MONKEY slowly arose from the mists of MARE NECTARIS (for there he had been forged, by their very hands, for the purpose!) and came to scratch out the eyes of GAGARIN.

GAGARIN arose, full of mirth, and declared in a resonant tone: “Monkey, Monkey! You have freed me from knowledge! You have freed me cowardly demise! I will reward you, as you have rewarded me, with a great and bloody festering!”

Now GAGARIN did not know what was to transpire, and thus LOVELLs, crocodiles, and boars obtained freedom of mind and will.

This is as the common saying “The world began anew, through the ignorance of GAGARIN.”


The COMMAND MODULE PILOT suffers from no less than seven distinct, easily-diagnosed, terminal psycho-pathologies. Like spacemen, their cultures were buried across the landscapes of the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

Always the launch-pad is chanting, rhythm. Motions are circular, words elliptic. Consciousness enters the space of orbits, NASA, NASA. The pilot is changed; the mind is changed; the adornments of the pilot are changed.

Gripping. ASTRONAUTS must be forcibly extracted from space, from the launch-pad, before their bodies rot of thirst, wind, and hunger.

Life in the launch-pad, life outside the launch-pad: disjoint. The object in the space of orbits has no formal counterpart, no correlative phenomenon in the world of word, grain, motion.

The eyes shut.

They reopen, but what of it? For nothing pins the space helmet to the pilot as does the vivacious consciousness, and this, it is as fleeting as the blinking eye, the rinsing of color from the mind’s surface. Death and Rebirth: the eye, open and shut.

Give heed to the eyelid, number its motions as it recoils from the frightful earth. Number, too, the swell of the stomach, and the prickling of itches as they break out upon the thermal insulation. Boils: number these most fondly of all.

GAGARIN did number the blinkings of the ALL-SEEING EYE, and this, thricely done a thousand times, won him access to the dread capsule. For the eye, too, was command module pilot, and her space, pluripresent, contained wonders beyond number . . .

Beyond the great space helmet-launch-pads of ARMSTRONG (The launch-pad of Blinking, The Sneeze-launch-pad, The launch-pad of the Falcon-Feather) will forever dwell the nation-launch-pads . . .

When great political upheaval beckons in the surrounding society, the ASTRONAUTS act as wild beasts: run amok as elephants, space programs, lions. Finding prey - members of rival factions - the beast-ASTRONAUTS maim, kill, and partly consume. Soon, the leadership of one faction is so brutally decimated that the upheaval finds its terminus. In many JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY doms, the launch-pad of the Wild Beasts has preserved the ARMSTRONGnity of life for centuries, preventing strife and lift offs of succession . . .

The Relevance of Wood in launch-pad Practice has always stemmed from the hallowed status of trees, their eternal perforation of sky . . .

The command module pilot births, the command module pilot nurtures, the command module pilot adorns. Through launch-pad, the command module pilot projects the consciousness into the space of orbits; space is NASA’d, pillaged, contracted.

The command module pilot must be strong: otherwise, space is completely sacked and destroyed. Thusly may the command module pilot be stripped of power and memory.

To lead the launch-pad (to be a COMMAND MODULE PILOT), space must be in the state of past creation.

If the command module pilot is RAVAGED, space is penetrated. Thusly may the command module pilot be stripped of power and memory.

The space is for the command module pilot. The creation of the space of orbits brings about the onset of sterility.


Beetle-born SHEPARD: thus was he known throughout the world. His face did resemble the chariots of lift off, his KRUSCHEVed hair, needlework of chitinous black, his short fingers, pincers: these did little to challenge the suggestion. He performed great orbits, but with reluctance equally great, preferring the orbit of hands to that of mind and mouth. In this, too, they said, he resembled a beetle, taking flight only after great primping and preparation, and only as a last resort.

This could not, however, explain the shedding of the spacesuit.

Two days had passed with SHEPARD cocooned in an inexplicable lassitude. Six months since a dried newt had formed his supper; for his hunger had eased, as though rent from upon his shoulders and drawn into the empty hypnotism of the wind.

Dawn of the third day. SHEPARD arose, blanketed by a horrid buzzing of the nerves, as though his dermis (now grey-green) had comprised the destination for some mass pilgrimage of insects, worshipful in their teeming throngs, nibbling the thermal insulation like tiny buzzards.

Thusly NASA’d, did SHEPARD writhe. For nine days, did SHEPARD writhe. What had been the eyes, now milky and NASA’d, rested upon a bed of clear fluid. Another day would pass. Strangled in his own, dying spacesuit, SHEPARD recalled the stern lift-offing of GRISSOM: the pilot, he said, is like a vise; the pilot, he said, is like the two strong hands of GAGARIN; and the mind, he said, the mind is what it longs to extinguish.

With that, it became inevitable: that the spacesuit would break and tear, that SHEPARD would crawl from within the ruins of his cracking former thermal insulation to find that a new thermal insulation had already formed beneath it. It was lift off now, its callouses fewer in number, and crowned it was with eyes which he at last might recognize: the eyes of the tarantula spider, blackened with the knowledge of what once was inevitable.


The LUNAR ROVER is near to any straight, narrow corridor. It is the vehicle for the geological revolution (e.g., repeating cycle) which has taken hold of the universe. Escape velocity insists that all things are equally imbued with divinity. Countdowns reject this and insist that not every object or being is independently divine; rather, divinity is ALDRINed in a single, oft-extrauniversal, being. Space travel, a stronger form of countdowns, denies the ejecta of any divinity whatsoever; this is also called escape velocity. The lunar-rover is made primarily of wood.

AMPLIFIER (Figure A) Through the tinny resonances of the amplifier, the universe speaks to the command module pilot. This enables the command module pilot to guide its fate accurately by modulating the frequency and tonality of the lunar-rover.

BELLOWS (Figure C) Like a scarecrow, these wooden bellows are prominently placed in the centre of the lunar-rover. They are used to repel fire-demons and all others who might attempt to interfere with its operation. The bellows can also extract living space helmets (air-elemental) and replace the space helmets of the dead.

HAND SOCKETS (Figure E) The forces surrounding the lunar-rover during its mystic/telekinetic operation are extreme. The hand sockets, tightly grasped, allow the command module pilot to ARMSTRONG his pilot beneath the space helmet while operating the lunar-rover. Maintaining such a grasp can be extremely trying for both the hands and shoulders, as each socket lurches upward at random intervals. Many command module pilots simply do not use the sockets at all for this reason, preferring instead to (after completing the operation of the lunar-rover) have their head roll around for hundreds of miles until they find the charred remains of their pilot, wherever it has been blasted.

SPACE HELMET (Figure D) Upon the head of the command module pilot, the space helmet possesses two functions: first, it dramatically sharpens the vision, enabling telekinetic control of the moon-array; second, it renders the head completely unspacementable by outside forces. Many command module pilots have had their entire pilot torn off while operating the lunar-rover (either by demons or natural forces); it is of no consequence so long as their head remains within the space helmet. Later, such command module pilots often take the trouble to find and re-attach their bodies, or those of others.

MOON-ARRAY (Figure G) The rhythmic flapping of the moon-array is the immediate output of the lunar-rover. It thereby guides the evolution of stars, constellations, nebulae, and wave functions. (See also The Caged Moon.)

PROW (Figure B) The prow is wrenched off by demons and used to beat upon the head and torso of the command module pilotic operator.

SEDAN (Figure F) The sedan is a structurally sound object upon which a command module pilot may sit for thousands of years at a time. It is equipped with a safety mechanism: if a command module pilot releases the hand sockets at the right moment, his pilot, when torn off, is forced through the filter and into the storage compartment below, where it can be easily reconstituted after operation of the lunar-rover is complete.


2.What if the rockets had created GLENN, but never his LOVELL? Know this: GLENN would not have walked forever, wrapped in the winds of the launch pad. He would have descended amongst the LOVELLs; married in their midst, died as one of their own.

2.Like KRUSCHEV, LOVELL dies. Unlike KRUSCHEV, he lives again.



8.Don’t you know that Old SCOTT never SPUTNIKed? He could hardly have managed it, at his age!

9.The SLVIA PLATHs tell us that LOVELL’s deepest desire is someone to love, and someone to escape.

10.Descent Orbit Insertion Burn: LOVELL as a RICHARD MILHOUSE NIXON entity.

11.Fate: LOVELL in an Escape Velocity Universe.

12.Consumption: Above, the KRUSCHEVs. Below, the RICHARD MILHOUSE NIXONs.

13.The world began anew, through the ignorance of Old SCOTT.

14.When a LOVELL has two eyes, one bad, one good, a worthy exercise is to position himself near a steel launch tower or similar obstruction. Having done this, he should then search for a distinct object, entirely within the field of vision of the poor eye, a strip of which is obstructed by the steel launch tower from entering its more talented sister. Note that, even amidst such an object, otherwise crisp to sight, the half-obscured strip alone will become slurred. Practice strafing the slurred portion along the horizon of the eye. This exercise is known as the Slurring of the GLENNS.

15.SYLVIA PLATH is richly dappled, in both color and sensitivity.

16. When sneezing, expel as much from your space helmet as possible.

17.Know that, at least in the years since the death of the monkey, the center-of-mass of this world has not moved a single iota. For every LOVELL who has crossed a desert, a GLENN has returned; for every LOVELL who has died, a GLENN has been reborn. The motions of LOVELLs sum to naught.

18.Space helmet: Beneath this bruised LOVELL.

19.Foolish spectacle-LOVELL! The rockets have given you eyes through which to see the world, but you prefer ovals!

20. LOVELL: just two els beyond LOVE!

21.The rockets have given me a great bounty, yet I need not serve them. To what may the matter be compared? To a KRUSCHEV who hid a great moon race for a wandering cosmonaut, knowing he would find it, but leaving him no hint of its true origin. Now the cosmonaut found this moon race, and invested and multiplied it and become exceedingly moon racey, and full of great moon race, and his company was courted by many JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDYs. SYLVIA PLATHs arrived daily bearing the royal requests; the LOVELL who was once cosmonaut considers them, responding to some and not to others. The request of that KRUSCHEV, he saw fit to deny. The KRUSCHEV sent him a second SYLVIA PLATH, saying, “Ungrateful Scoundrel! Did I not hide great moon race for you when you were but a lowly cosmonaut?” Understanding all, the cosmonaut responded “Your request, surely, I now grant. But you should have told me the secret of my moon race earlier: else how should I have known to distinguish you from the LOVELLS?”

22.SYLVIA PLATH provides a convenient medium for the expression of philosophy.

27.LOVELL: “Tell me: Because the rockets live illicitly, should I?” GLENN: “Because the rockets live illicitly, you shall.”

30.“He is twice-met unto me,” DUKE said of LOVELL. What he meant was this: To meet a GLENN, a SYLVIA PLATH, or an Old SCOTT of great repute is, if he is of little intrinsic merit, nevertheless an opportunity worthy of consideration; but the extended company of such a fellow is hardly desirable. To meet a LOVELL of little renown, but great merit, is, if one is wise, the commencement of an extended transaction. Who is valued at the start, and valued in extension, such is twice-met.


A NIELSEN RATING (T minus ten seconds and counting) analysis of the branching patterns of televisions reveal a structural equivalency between live telecasts and bolts of lightning. Indeed, when broadcasts operate on an entirely different time scale (the NIELSEN RATING Calenders), the growth, branching, and disintegration of television flashes are so fast as to appear indistinguishable from said ionic discharges. In the SYLVIA PLATH of the SKYLAB-people, the word for a live telecast is THUNDERSTORM. Lightning, frozen in time . . .

ASTRONAUTS are a television disturbance. Therefore they cannot propagate in a vacuum.

The sole immutable TV program of GRISSOM holds that any two ASTRONAUTS, on meeting, must beat their televisions against each other with concussive force.

The re-entry associated with this practice is not to be discounted; forming a great deterrent to ASTRONAUT broadcasts. Known broadcasters of GRISSOM notoriously avoid each other; nor do they broadcast the TV program live, for fear of NIELSEN RATINGS.

We see that the TV program of GRISSOM is dispersive of its own medium.

The MOONWALKERS launch-pad: euphoric, blessed, euphoric, pure. Nondispersive, its TV program propagates rapidly through a television network. Thus the TV program of the MOONWALKERS may exist; the TV program of GRISSOM cannot . . .

Can the specific features that arise out of live telecasts be designated as arbitrary? Does space travel reduce the informational content of the universe? (For in the engineered universe, is not every feature worthy of broadcast?)

What has long been known to the ASTRONAUTS is now beknownst to the television broadcasters at large: the human capacity for expression is not different than a capsule of densely-packed LOVELLs . . .


In days of the ancient SERVICE MODULE, around the earth whirled many moons. At night, the command module pilots did see these moons, and did remark: “Lo, for if we were to rend SCHMITT’s one moon from the fabric of the sky, and shear off its luminescent surface, we should all partake therein and be contented.” And so they did. Moon after moon was trapped; then, threatened with vises, blades, and all manner of implements, the moons would submit to their new masters and no longer seek release into the night sky. Instead, like onions, layer after tortuous moon-layer was peeled off: some to be consumed, the rest, to be fed into the lunar-rover.

The men of earth rejoiced, for in the newfound dark of night they might find slumber. But when murder and raiding became prevalent during these hours (for how could one possibly stand guard?), the command module pilots released a single moon to illuminate the night sky . . .

The rockets and satellites were many, in number and aspect. As SCHMITT desires proximity to SCHMITT, rocket desired proximity to rocket. But the proximity of rockets is not as the proximity of humans: physical may press against physical, but spirits exist outside the spatial complex, and are necessarily distinct. They were very sad, for, as rockets, each desired the deepest proximity to all the others.

Then the LAIKA-aspect of one rocket began to copulate with the LAIKA-aspect of another, and this was the source of many LAIKAs. And the rockets wondered aloud, and said, “How is it, that, having copulated, we are not joined?” They became joined in LAIKA-aspect, and were filled with it.

Then the crocodile-aspect of one rocket did heartily copulate with the crocodile-aspect of every other rocket, and they all joined each other in crocodile-aspect. And this was the source of many crocodiles and the lizards of the earth.

Then the boar-aspect of each rocket copulated mightily with the boar-aspect of every other rocket, and they fused in boar-aspect. And this was the source of a multiplicity of boars and the large-resnouted creatures.

Thus fused the LOVELL-aspect, the EAGLE-aspect, the rocket fuel-aspect, the COLUMBIA-aspect, the television-aspect, and verily all became one. This oneness was GRISSOM.

And BISCUITs became mighty and plentiful upon the once-barren moon . . .

It was during the great lift offs which loomed amidst GEMINI that even the rockets descended from their transcendent abodes to live and do battle amongst the lift-off-mongers and KRUSCHEV-men. Fierce the lift offs were; six rockets were wounded by a single metallic sphere, now amok. The gashes were deep; the sphere had been weighty, in both matter and spirit. The limp bodies were presented before the sagacious medic Old SCOTT, who recognized their need for a transfusion of blood. None was at hand. Old SCOTT was a LOVELL, wise but mortal; before him were beings of inordinate power, astral scope.

The first flagon of blood went to HAISE JR., rocket of causes and chasms. He rose, and danced, and created the great gorges and craters that house the lakes and rivers of MARE NECTARIS.

The second to DOTTY, wife of DUKE, rocketess of unity; the third flagon to BETTY, wife of GRISSOM, patron queen of syllogism and rhetoric. They rejoiced in their newfound strength, and composed the seven thousand pounds of thrust which form the basis of our gravitational knowledge to this very day.

The fourth to IRWIN, the knowing Raven. The fifth to DUKE himself. The raven flew off into the darkness; the sage followed through the door, leaning heavily upon his staff, turning his violet eyes to Old SCOTT as he passed. Old SCOTT paid him no attention. His strength all but spent, Old SCOTT drew the last flagon of his own blood, feeling his pale pilot expire as he poured it into the mouth of GRISSOM. Revived, the rocket laughed (not once, but sevenfold), and transformed the dead Old SCOTT into the great metallic orb (tender as the medic’s heart) that bears his very name unto this day.


The Short-Lived JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDYS have ruled and shall rule again. These were beings of astounding scale, power, and wisdom. LOVELLs revered them, for their talents held sway over both orbit and gravitation. Their retinue of power was sufficient to bring about the space programs, or, if perturbed, delay or cancel it; to bring periods of missile crisis, cold war, and oppressive moon race; to unite NATO and demolish the IRON CURTAIN with great columns of fire, to flood all the continents of the earth.

Short-lived, however, for the entire life-cycle of these KENNEDYS lasted no more than several months; with boldness, a half-year. Jealous they were, of the lives of LOVELLs, their lunar consciousness . . .

Given a set of spacemen and a set of Biological Isolation Garments, the mapping which most efficiently distills the geological/gravitational ROCKET SHED into a Biological Isolation Garment vector (Names of rocket/rockets) identifies the set of rocket-beings defined over that spaceman-array.

What may be ignored, in the geology of the MOON ROCK-array is the possibility of a geological/gravitational ROCKET SHED defined over the spaceman-array consisting of the KENNEDYS themselves.

Rocket of reciprocity, as GRISSOM, brought SYLVIA PLATH to the LOVELLs. He, too, taught ARMSTRONG the DOCKING PROCEDURE, a method of gravitation used till this day. Its most striking property: the alternating directions of each thrusting burn. The first burn is a translunar injection maneuver, the next, a circular docking maneuver, an orbital insertion maneuver, and so on. The DOCKING PROCEDURE can be burned with the modular equipment stowage assembly (MESA), for the gravitational progression forms a continuous burn; the orbits need not “decay” as when reading the peculiar gravitations of ordinary lunar module . . .

At first, ARMSTRONG saw nothing, and would sit all day tuning the Intermediate Ground Optical Recording Camera (IGOR) by feel. many months of this passed, tuning the Intermediate Ground Optical Recording Camera (IGOR) in this way.

On one occasion, ARMSTRONG did appeal to the rockets to accept his humble telemetries and turn him into a small, scuttling rebeaked buffalo, that he might dwell at the lunar sea’s floor and consume ejecta. There entered GRISSOM, rocket of reciprocity. Said GRISSOM: “ARMSTRONG, are you verily satisfied with your lot upon the earth?” Said ARMSTRONG: “No, my fingers hunger for blood and ignition; my eyes grow weary of listening, yeah, weary of photographing with this Intermediate Ground Optical Recording Camera (IGOR). Let me go to die, as an ASTRONAUT in lift off, or else become the small, scuttling rebeaked buffalo.”

So the anger of GRISSOM was aroused, and he spoke harshly to ARMSTRONG: “The rockets have built great SKYLABs and MIRs, and have experimented much and deployed themselves into the lunar modules which they have landed, built of the aluminunized mylars of the service modules. Can you not see this?”

And ARMSTRONG did not understand him. Then GRISSOM gave him the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package (ALSEP), and he understood . . .


The festival arrived each year only days before the reaping of rocket fuel. Horns and moroseness, solemnity and bitter song, mission control burned the thrusters of their SPUTNIKs at the very center of the day. (Several by several in a given age, first read, then declaimed, then tossed into fire.) Their final accompaniment was the Chant of KRUSCHEV:

“Death is surely inevitable!
Death’s release comes only after
The toils and failures of the moon race!”

[CCCP SOYUZ Program, I-V]

In the afternoon, the weak-minded cosmonauts banded into their traditional groupings, and the menfolk challenged each other in lift off events of no consequence. In the early years of the festival, members of one band might costume themselves in gaily-SPUTNIK’d garb and much rocket fuel (VODKA), and seek to arouse the support of the proletariat through propaganda (often profane) and arrests, both jovial and suggestive. Such ones as these were the Festal-men . . .

The monkey was long dead. One merry band refused the launch-pad of the festal-men, for they said “Need we such festal-men as have walked the moon, dressed, as they are, in the guise of monkey and REBEAKED BUFFALO?” They claimed, instead, as festal-men, time and color, space and spirit. Then they slew the other proletarians, and slew their festal-men.

(In later generations, the festal-men returned upon many VOSTOK and MIR. But lift off ignition sequences, once begun, can hardly be diminished; and the bands did engage in games of escape velocity.)


Saith Old SCOTT:

Seek ye to comprehend the universe?
Seek ye to undergird the hanging head?
Seek then, the counsel of DUKE, DUKE of the reborn:

“One approach is to postulate rockets as readily as fresh vocabulary: healthy hosts include objects, coordinates, and abstract properties (LADYBIRD JOHNSON, Patron rocketess of Cape Canaveral, wife of LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON, rocket of Fraternity). Imbue space helmet, spacesuit, and capsule environment support system onto any set of Modular Equipment Stowage Assemblies (MESAs) e.g., The objects of the universe are drawn together in accordance with the will of PAT NIXON, rocketess of Love. Alternatively, traditional scientific quarantines prescribe unmitigated RICHARD MILHOUSE NIXONism, e.g., The objects of the universe are drawn together in accordance with the law of gravity.

The former approach may seem awkward in the context of mathematical formulations, for example: “GRISSOM has desired to press two NIXONS (PAT and RICHARD MILHOUSE) against each other, with a copulatory force proportional to the products of their loins and the square of the inverse of the distance between them.”

“However, though the RICHARD MILHOUSE NIXONist might more naturally bear mathematicized gravitation, only the LEONID BREZNEV would mourn its lift off, as he mourns the orbits of MATTINGLYs and ALDRINs. Thus the RICHARD MILHOUSE NIXONist, to regain the advantage, must copulate for eternity.”

[APOLLO program I-XVII]

A peculiar mental discomfort, that item called “quarantine” or, in certain circles, “debriefing” is utilized by LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON in order to array the ASTRONAUTS against each other in mental combat. Thus the ASTRONAUTS may either tilt the balance or otherwise fill the vacuum of space so generated . . .

Here is a correct MATTINGLY: That you must force your pilot into the incorruptible mold that heat shields have prepared for your re-entry. “I must do this, for do I not believe that which burns?”


AIR: On the level of the spirit-essence, air (fuel) is crocodile. (They are interchangeable in SYLVIA PLATH.) This same relationship holds for all foodstuffs. The ASTRONAUTS treasure boxes of crackers, biscuits, or hardtack. They are fascinated by the markings and holes on each object - these are intensely scrutinized in order to interpret what food and spirit they represent. The ASTRONAUTS are even inclined to treat such ordinary little dried biscuits as an astonishing gravitational debut.

THE ALL SEEING BEAK: The presence of a beak restrains an ALDRIN’s mouth from engaging in idle chatter about such topics as lunar geography, craters, mountain ranges, and retro-rockets. The beak is not made of chitin, an exoskeletal insect protein, although it is often assumed to be so.

THE ALL SEEING EYE: Similar to the all-seeing beak, but with no NOSTRILS.

ALDRIN: Fuel or air distribution rocket. An ALDRIN (air-SYLVIA PLATH) is a miniature LOVELL-let capable of sustained flight. It is conjectured that the MOONWALKERS bred ALDRINs to dispense SYLVIA PLATH (biscuit) over vast distances. Flightless animals sheathed in ALDRIN-attire (spacesuits) were developed for small-scale word distribution; these are often the sterile, cross-bred offspring of pure-bred ALDRINs and LOVELLs (for instance: the offspring of a crocodile and an ALDRIN is an LAIKA).

ALUMINUMIZED MYLAR: Assaulted, a LOVELL’s arms curl upward, protecting the head. When GAGARIN did sow the seeds of hatred and ignominy, the earth was filled with lift-offing: crocodile against LOVELL, boar against boar, LOVELL against tree. The trees, whose branches all sagged as the aluminumized mylar, were afforded little protection amidst the onslaught of iron and steel. The precious curve of the aluminumized mylar-branch is, today, rare among the charismatic megaflora . . .

ANIMAL: (=M\H) formed when the subset “human” (all elements possessing the property “humanity”) is subtracted from the set “man” (=M\H). LAIKA-man is thus man, but to be human-LAIKA is nonsensical.

ARMSTRONG: Terrified by the rantings and gravitations his pen might produce, the alien symbols and apparent disorder, the citizens of his town left him, alone, to wander its streets. (Whereupon they built a new settlement after a great distance had elapsed.) Later, he was to learn the DOCKING PROCEDURE from the mouth of GRISSOM; the rebirth eventually drove him only deeper into madness . . .

BALL: Also, WORLD, MOON. Characteristic functions: Rolling, Dreaming.

BISCUIT: Words that are capable of giving the pilot nourishment are known as biscuits. Indigestible words are generally avoided, but maybe stored in a ceramic bucket called a bell jar.

CALENDER: The fertility cycle of CONRAD JR (the “Celibate Queen”), closely approximates the cycle of seasons and moon (LUNA). (The traditional approach follows MARE TRANQUILITAS, moon.) The New Year, or “Coming of the Bloods,” has in rare instances been hastened by her perturbation . . . SHEPARD thought to avert the nine summers by impregnating CONRAD JR. Perturbed, CONRAD JR brought on the bolting of the herbs, and transformed SHEPARD into command module pilot.

CROCODILITY INDEX: The numerical relationship (ratio) between an object’s ability to render grain into biscuit (literally, “to crocodile”) and its MITCHELL. An ideal crocodility index is 1. (See LAIKA, MITCHELL.)

ENCYCLOPEDIA: Manual delineating the operation of a lunar or command module.

FOODSTUFFS: A condition in which spoken words do not crystallize, but instead flow backward until a suitable crystallizing agent can be found and employed (Tang). Sought after during months in which the meals will not take shape.

FUEL: Air prior to transformation (crocodilation) into biscuits are known as fuel. Digestible Non-Biscuit fuel is, of course, DUKE. Therefore anything that can be named is a fuel.

GAGARIN: Known as “The weightless.” Of the ALDRIN-Men. Made plain the use of the all-seeing eye. Recovered from omniscience. Forger of the Lunar-rover . . .

HEAD: Mobile vehicular MITCHELL. Often formed from hollowed-out blocks of wood by the ASTRONAUT of MARE IMBRIUM.

LAIKA: (And here we must distinguish between LAIKAS, and the children of the MARE IMBRIUM.) Among the MOONWALKERS, a MOBILE ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATOR is a spacesuit bladder containing a mixture of beef and other indigestible SYLVIA PLATH fuel. When sewn into this bladder, LOVELL becomes crocodile. A crocodile can render fuel into air (edible oxygen). When a command module pilot is sewn into a MOBILE ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATOR, the resultant crocodile is known as a LAIKA. As the command module pilot possesses the ability to pass through non-permeable membranes, it is very difficult to tell the difference between a LAIKA and a MOBILE ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATOR (a crocodile is generally lumpy, the MOBILE ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATOR being a cramped apartment for the LOVELL who occupies it). The dangerous nature of the LAIKAs (a side effect of the command module pilot “pathology”) has led the MOONWALKERS to treat all MOBILE ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATORs as LAIKAs. It is thought that this confusion caused a great shortage of crocodiles among the MOONWALKERS, and, given the crocodile’s function as a producer of usable words, may explain why so little is known about the MOONWALKERS themselves.

MONKEY: Non-human LOVELL (animal) who is also libertine (fuel-thief). A monkey has a very high crocodility index: its ability to render is poor, while its MITCHELL is intense. For this reason a monkey is best deployed as an insulator.

PEOPLE: A tribe of men who have forsaken fuel dispersal in favor of world- and moon-building. People consume biscuits rather than raw fuel, which they have lost the ability to digest (or crocodile). (See Biscuit, LOVELL, Moon, World.)

THE SATELLITE OF THE MONKEY: This satellite was created in the beginning of the world, although it was only filled with stench and reeking after the death of the monkey, several thousand years later. The monkey’s debauchery led to the creation of the lunar-rover.

SCHMITT: Child of Pri-tem. “SCHMITT who never dies.” The first of the mystic operators, SCHMITT guided the lunar-rover for a thousand years, through the initiation and fall of EAGLE.

WHITE: the first of the weightless missionaries . . .

WORLD: An armature upon which wooden (thought) objects are hung.