THE DREAM OF ASTRONAUT CHARLES DUKE: "We were driving the Rover north towards the Ray Crater. As we came over one of the ridges we discovered a set of tracks out in front of us going east-west. We got very excited, told Houston, and they gave us permission to follow the tracks. You could tell by the tread marks that the vehicle was going to the east. So we turned right, to the east. And towards the eastern end of the valley we came upon this vehicle that looked very similar to the Lunar Rover, with two figures seated in it. We radioed that we'd found this car, we start to describe it, and they start to get very excited. So we stopped the rover and turned the TV camera on. I ran over to the vehicle and pulled up the visor of one of the astronauts and found I was looking at myself. The other fellow looked like John [Young]. We took some samples of the spacesuits and the rover and brought them back to earth. When these were analysed by scientists they turned out to be hundreds of thousand of years old. It was such a vivid dream that I didn't tell my wife [Dotty] about it until I actually got back from the moon. But I remember when we got to lunar orbit and first saw our landing site, I looked down to see if I could see a set of tracks, going east to west."  ( back or lunar home)